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Dr. Patty LePage

With over 20 years of experience in business leadership, Patty provides evidenced-based business management consulting, business coaching, executive coaching, and life coaching. Patty’s concentration is on helping corporations recruit and retain quality talent as well as providing coaching services that aid executives in achieving corporate success.

Patty holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Maryland Global Campus, a Master’s in Clinical Social Work with a sub-concentration in military social work from the University of Southern California, and a Doctor of Business Administration from the University of Maryland Global Campus. Her dissertation research focuses on the retention of transitioning military veterans.

Patty serves as a peer reviewer and Associate Editor for MUMA Business Review. She is an expert at APA 7 and has a keen eye for ensuring flow and readability in her editing. She is an experienced editor and writer and has been published in the areas of organizational change, corporate restructuring, organizational culture, social support, employee retention, job satisfaction, and commitment. Patty also writes content for magazines, web, and corporate literature.

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Rick LePage

Rick has over 27 years of experience in leadership and telecommunications focusing on the military sector.  In addition, he is an experienced program manager specializing in Research & Development and Communications. 


Rick specializes in marketing solutions and communications strategies. He provides account management and account relations, as well as providing contract negotiations that provide customers with the best pricing for the highest quality products, meeting each customer's unique requirements.


Rick studied Business Management at UMUC with a focus on business strategy and leadership.

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